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The first person in our family to start a dairy business was our paternal grandfather, Grandpa Palanichamy Kaunder. He raised his own buffalo in our small hamlet, Oddanchatram town near Ambilikkai village in Dindigul district, during the 1960s, and sold the milk to local shops in Oddanchatram for many years. In our village, he then opened his own small tea and Idli business (restaurant). In our village and the neighbouring areas, that shop is well-known for its quality and taste. In fact,  Karmaveer Kamaraj visited our shop at that time and most likely drank tea.

In this situation,

My father Muthusamy left his schooling with the seventh class to gain practical knowledge at the age of eleven and went to work for a salary of twenty rupees a month. Muthusamy, along with his elder and younger brothers, established Raja Traders, a dairy company, in 1972 after fully learning the techniques of the business.

Buffalo milk & Ghee production was very high in our neighboring agricultural production villages at the time. Then he purchased his own Milk Cream Separator machine and started making butter from milk. They manufactured butter and yoghurt from milk and sold it to a nearby town for a year. Then in 1978 we expanded our business in Tamil Nadu and Bangalore, as well as Belgaum, Mysore and Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh and Nagpur in the northern state (Wholesale / B2B). We were at the top of wholesale (B2B) dairy products manufacturing at that time.

Muthusamy renamed the company Sri Rajalingam Dairy Products (Wholesale / B2B) after the family split up in 2005. Until 2014, the wholesale / B2B market was doing well.


Then, unexpectedly, the company as a whole collapsed due to competition and not adapting to the new changes and technology in the market. Muthusamy struggled to run the business due to bad debts (wholesale / B2B) and investment debt to keep the company afloat.

How Podhini Dairy Products was formed In

Durning 2015, Muthusamy’s eldest daughter Rajasuda, who was working in a multinational company in the computer software industry, quit her job and entered the dairy industry.

She had a natural interest in Organic Farming and producing nutritious foods that were not harmful to one’s health.

Although she faces various gender and practical issues early on in the family business, she quickly learns the techniques of the profession with interest and diligence.

She is working hard to expand the business. However, she was not able to create a market for the sale of milk value added products as easily as she expected early.

Then she undertaken a self-examination of the sudden decline and stagnation in the wholesale (B2B) business and discovered that it was due to the company’s inability to adapt to modern-day changes (Traditional Method of Business), as well as the lack of new customers.

Even Though we have been in the business for over thirty years we don’t have a direct connection to the end-users.And also identify the price reduction in the market due to competition.

Carefully and decisively enters the business, focusing exclusively on quality, with the goal of eliminating the company’s practical weaknesses, increasing quality, and manufacturing only high-quality dairy products.

Then she started making ghee in the traditional way. She marketed ghee under the name MSR PURE GHEE through Wholesale (B2B).

As expected, the company received a positive response from the customer’s place. To achieve this, she worked hard to promote the company through branding using a digital platform.

After the Marina Jallikkattu struggle, knowing the high demand in the Tamil Nadu market for good quality butter and ghee, in order to get the copyright and trademark she changed the name of the company to Podhini * (PODHINI DAIRY PRODUCTS) *, the ancient name of the holy city of Palani with its location identity.

She took her father’s advice and used his experience completely and then started Purchasing quality, unadulterated, chemical-free raw materials that were manufactured ghee using Traditional hand churning method without adulteration and chemical-free in the name of PODHINI PURE GHEE which can be given to young children’s etc.

In order to expand the Wholesale / Retail (B2B and B2C) business we came up with a look and design for packing without compromising on unique quality, aroma, and taste and we began marketing through social media.

She is currently working with the goal of reaching out to every homemaker/end customer via an online Ghee retail store.

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