Pure Ghee Manufacturing Method :

Ghee is prepared in different ways, but in Podhini Dairy Products the Pure ghee is prepared or manufactured from the authentic traditional ghee preparation method.

The primary ingredient is cow or buffalo milk.

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Milk and grass intake by the cow determines the quality of ghee. There are other factors that affect the quality of milk such as the weather, a cow’s health, and living conditions.

We are always following the traditional ghee manufacturing method and it is divided into four steps. We believed that the purest and best ghee was obtained by following these steps.

Step 1:  Fresh raw milk is collected by cans from country cows and buffaloes from different villages. Then Milk is allowed to boil to remove the bacteria and to be separated by a centrifugal cream separator.

Pure Ghee manufacturing proccess

Podhini Pure Ghee manufacturing proccess – Step 1


Step2: Separated cream is used to allow churned with native wooden beater, separating butter and buttermilk. Churning is normally a prolonged method.

Pure ghee making process

step-2 : Podhini Pure ghee making process


Step 3: At the final stage of the ghee manufacturing method, butter and buttermilk are segregated. Butter Obtained is clarified into pure cow ghee or pure buffalo ghee by direct open pan heating.


Pure ghee extraction process

Step 3 : Podhini Pure ghee extraction process


Step 4: Extracted butter from pure milk is slowly heated in a large aluminum pan during the ghee manufacturing method. Once the butter reaches a certain temperature, the foam will start to burn. Then lower the temperature and stir continuously with an extended bamboo paddle, during this method the water content in butter is evaporated and allowed to boil for a while until the butter gets clear brownish color and the solid layer is visible at the bottom of the pan, indicating that the ghee is NEARLY ready.

Now, during this stage, the ghee begins to emit a nice aroma. The residue particles of the ghee are removed by filtration. In Podhini  Dairy Products, No artificial flavors or essences are added during the process. So, our Pure Ghee is free of preservatives.


Pure ghee preparation process

Step 4 : Podhini Pure ghee preparation process


Step 5: Pure Cow Ghee or Buffalo Ghee is finally transferred to a steel vessel and solidifies at room temperature for 3 to 4 days to form fine granules.

Fresh Pure ghee

Final Form of Pure Ghee Manufacturing Process

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