Cow Ghee 15 Litre


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Podhini Ghee is 100% Pure Superior Cow Ghee. This ghee has been prepared from domestic and grass fed cows only. The Ghee is prepared by a classical hand churning process. No machines and no chemical used. Based on orders, ghee is made freshly.

Podhini Ghee is made in Tamilnadu and consists of organic unsalted Butter. The butter produced from the milk is certified Organic and milked from grass-fed cows.

Of the superior quality, this wonderful Ghee contains no added colors, preservatives and isn’t genetically modified. Our pre-packed 15 liter tin is ready to go, Our Ghee can be used to cook with and in recipes to replace butter and vegetable oil. It has a slight buttery flavor and bright yellow color.

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15 litre, 15 Kg


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