Cow Ghee 5 Litre


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Podhini Ghee is pure butter heated to excellence to achieve the rich grainy texture and alluring aroma. This yellow ghee is perfect to add into your food including flavor and aroma to it. This superior quality ghee is the perfect taste booster for your daily meal.

Filled with necessary fatty acids, butyric acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and a lot more goodness helps in enhancing the digestive process and is likely to help in weight loss. It also renews balance to your mind and boosts the operation of your brain. It improves eyesight and enhances good cholesterol in our body. Ghee helps in balancing hormones, a trustful source of Vitamin A and E, rich in Vitamin K which helps in improving calcium thus reinforce bones, helps grease joints, and also helps in balancing the thyroid.

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5 litre, 5 Kg


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