Our father Mr. P.Muthusamy started the dairy business in 1972, called Podhini Dairy Products. Mr. P.Muthusamy gives up his studies because of his family condition; he has to go to work to earn money. He entered the milking sector for the first time and his initial pay was RS. 20. It had been that he initiated the idea of starting our own company. The industry wasn’t competitive in our early days and production was high within the surrounding villages. Buffalo milk production was higher in our villages than in cow’s milk. The cow or buffalo will be allowed to feed healthy grasses in farm fields. Because of that, good buffalo or cow’s milk is available nearby.

From his savings, he purchased the first milking machine for 4,000 rupees. The milk is first heated and the cream is separated from it, with the help of that machine, and then the Pure Butter is extracted from the cream using a teak wood drum and rotator. The butter would be shipped everywhere in India, particularly Karnataka and some parts of northern India.

We started selling Podhini Pure Butter & Ghee in Tamil Nadu just about seven years ago. Our mission is to provide people with high- quality milk products and nutritious ones. We don’t have exclusive access to any marketing system.

Our ongoing team continues to supply Podhini Pure Butter & Ghee to wholesalers and resellers in Tamil Nadu, particularly Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Thanjavur, and Madurai.

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