Buffalo Ghee 5


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Podhini Ghee doesn’t include any chemicals or colors. Because we care for our customers’ health. We ensure that Pothini Ghee is not machine-made ghee, Our Ghee is classically Hand Churned Ghee. Buffalo ghee is widely used for weight gain, Thanks to its high-fat content, with a proper diet it gives more energy and stamina, even it is used for bodybuilding. Buffalo ghee is very helpful for intestinal problems like piles etc…

Benefits of Podhini Buffalo Ghee:

  • It has antioxidants that increase human immunity and help in fighting diseases.
  • It acts as a natural medicine for digestion. Buffalo ghee is a brilliant aid for skin problems, it can be used for enlightening skin, to eradicate dark circles, rehydration of skin, restoring moisture in the skin, and smoothening chapped lips.


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5 litre, 5 Kg


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